Entrepreneurial Development


The road to success is found by knowing where you have been, determining where you want to go, and then accelerating your business to get there.

The myBVA (Business Value Accelerator™) process gives business owners and professionals guidance through a online tool to create and achieve individual and business success at an accelerated rate.  

Create and achieve greater success for you and your business clients that you coach and consult.

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The iMAP Tool

The iMAP is a multi-construct assessment which measures a person's Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style and Work Related Values.  Through years of proven results, we have discovered that by assessing these constructs and integrating them together, the results provide great insight into a person's "wiring" which is used in creating High Performance Teaming and task alignment within projects and/or business positions.

This tool is a proven model for understanding natural wiring and creating enhanced engagement for individuals.  People that work within their areas of natural wiring are more productive and happier in life which translates to greater fulfillment and longevity.

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