Employee Engagement

Employee Attachment Inventory

Employee engagement is a critical business issue. Turnover is expensive. Engaged employees create a productive company culture. The level of a new employees engagement is directly impacted by their perception of the organization within the first 120 days.  Identifying and resolving challenges during that time provides a higher level of “attachment” and engagement.

The patented Employee Engagement Inventory (EAI) is an automated survey designed to measure the employee’s perception of both their new role, and of the company as a whole. The EAI then provides their manager with a report to use in resolving issues and challenges the new employee may have – before it’s too late. Without strong attachment new employees are at a high risk of poor performance, or attrition. 

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Employee Detachment Inventory

The Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) is an online Exit Survey & Report which measures the “Push” and “Pull” Drivers leading to an employee’s decision to resign from the organisation. The Exit Survey is completed during the notice period and the HR Manager will receive an EDI Feedback Report which they can use as a basis for conducting a targeted and personalised Exit Interview.

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The iMAP Tool

The iMAP is a multi-construct assessment which measures a person's Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style and Work Related Values.  Through years of proven results, we have discovered that by assessing these constructs and integrating them together, the results provide great insight into a person's "wiring" which is used in creating High Performance Teaming and task alignment within projects and/or business positions.

This tool is a proven model for understanding natural wiring and creating enhanced engagement for individuals.  People that work within their areas of natural wiring are more productive and happier in life which translates to greater fulfillment and longevity.

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The Engagement Multiplier

When you’re engaged, your relationships are stronger, your happiness levels rise, you accomplish more, and you have the power to achieve your most difficult goals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the business world.

The Engagement Multiplier is an online tool used by organizations around the world to enhance employee engagement within organizations.  The 90-day cycle of assessing employees gains access to valuable perceptions and thoughts as well as creates individual increased engagement through the process.  

A great and proven tool for organizations that are interested in creating peak employee engagement and enjoying all of the benefits that follows.

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